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Re: "Best of Both Worlds" expanded score in May!

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I'd be surprised if there is anything on this release that wasn't on the original + Ron Jones box. But it's good for anyone who doesn't have the old disc and/or expensive box set.
The one thing everyone is expecting from this release is that the editing will incorporate the "5 minutes" of music from the Ron Jones set more seamlessly with everything else. The original release was very tight in it's track separation and some music would from one track would actually be played out for a whole second before the music from the current track would actually begin. If you were listening to the soundtrack from start to finish, that's not a problem. Unfortunately the 5 minutes of BoBW music actually occurs in between a couple of the original album tracks. So you'll have one track end abruptly, having the Ron Jones Box music play and when it ends, the next track will play the last second of the track previous before it before it starts normally.

Confused? I know I am. Here's hoping that we get more from this soundtrack release than what we got in either the original and the Ron Jones set.
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