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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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Giacchino's score is pretty darn good - it feels a lot like the ST09 score, which it obviously should, but has some unique elements of its own. I'm particularly liking a lot of the Frontier Starbase stuff and the Gorn action cues.
I agree. (That first cue introducing the Gorn fight was very... TOS-y.) I'm hoping they end up doing some sort of soundtrack release, even if it's download-only.

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Overall, it's head and shoulders above most movie license games, but it's not quite the push into the AAA gaming space Paramount was aiming for. I still hope the game pushes a halfway decent number of copies to warrant an improved installation in the Trek gaming franchise. You know, something that can become legendary to both Trekkies and hardcore gamers, like Star Trek's answer to Butcher Bay or KOTOR.
Was KOTOR really legendary to non-Star Wars fans, or are there just simply no such critters out in the real world?
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