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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I'm a bit concerned about the episode "Identity Crisis".
You may have noticed the jerkines in "We'll Always Have Paris" in this long panning shot when Picard first enters the Holodeck. This scene was shot in 30 fps for some reason, which was no problem in NTSC. The Blu-Ray however is 24p and this particular scene has applied a very ugly frame rate conversion making it that jerky.

Now the episode "Identity Crisis" has all the scenes on the planet and the holodeck simulation of it shot in 30 fps as well.
Please, don't make half that episode judder like this particular scene in "We'll Always Have Paris"! There must be a better way to do it properly. This issue is far worst than a 3:2 pullup, imho.

Other than this special case episode, some ship fly by scenes are also in 30 fps ocasionally throught all TNG, DS9 and VGR. I guess, the later CGI shots could be simply rerendered at 24fps, but how to tread the physical model shots?

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A pity the mid-season ones will probably be ignored, I'd love for Chain of Command and Unification.
Indeed. They could be easily done with seamless branching with little effort as only the credit parts have to be included twice on the disc. Maybe Trekcore should point that out to the staff in charge.
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