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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I will definitely pay attention to herbs and spices over fats for flavoring. I didn't pay much attention to the pasta's on here so I can understand turning away from the spaghetti one. I went with this site because it wasn't asking for fancy ingredients(like all recipes/food network) For the most point what we eat now is all packaged so eating actual food is healthier in my view. I know what you are talking about with organic vs regular; its not the nutrition its the shit put in the soil that people worry about. Overall not having synthetic chemicals in your system is better.
Be careful with pasta generally. Theres nothing wrong with it at all, don't get me wrong, but watch your portions - pasta is very calorie dense and it's really easy to overeat with it. Check the portion size on the packet and measure it out until you're used to the right amount. It was definitely a source of 'hidden carbs' for me for years, I never realised how much I was eating!
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