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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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This show would be much better with far less humans. Or just get rid of all of them.

Just gagging over the humans imposing their morality on the Castithans and it being yet another great Star Trek moment.

I'm holding out for it to get trashy.

But.. it's not going to get trashy is it?
When the heroic hero used pain from the wound to interrogate a suspect, it was of course immediately successful. That combination of mean and stupid is one kind of trash.

And Jaime Murray's chain negligee is another kind of trashy too.

But this last episode wasn't a Star Trek moment. Star Trek manifestly was about us being better too, as well as others living up to higher ideals. In later Trek, one interpretation of the Prime Directive is to leave those aliens alone because there are no objective morals with which to judge their cultures, which is the status quo the new heroic hero, followed by daughter and mayor, is challenging.

This last episode was a moment where "we," as we are right now, unimproved by progress (in fact, regressed to the Wild West!) must meet our obligations to judge other cultures. It's only the second episode of course. There may be multiple episodes later where the other cultures are portrayed as having something to offer "us."
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