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Re: A Nova Squad or Red Squad Series

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Future teen drama is fine by me. Smallville in space, with occasional training missions more akin to the Trek we know.

I can see Red Squad being part of an academy-based series but not the focus. They'd be the elitist douchebag jocks of the academy, and when Kirk finally gets to be one of them he no doubt finds they're up to no good and has to bring them down from within.
Thanks for reminding me, it's been 2 years so I had forgotten this detail. Pascale said their would be training missions within the Alpha and Beta Quadrant planets like Vulcan, Kronos, etc. But it would all be supervised. These cadets wouldn't be getting a ship like Red Squad in "Valiant". Earth and academy life would be the focus. If done well we could get something like SeeD cadets in Final Fantasy VIII. However this can stumble into a ditch badley.

Also this will be set post-Nemesis/Romulus blowing up from JJ's Trek. Yes that detail will be canon to any potential new series he said. He's a big fan of JJ Trek.
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