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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

W00t that's a big ship King Daniel...

I love it.

So we have the usual brigade flogging the dead horse again over the size of the NuEnterprise, I had hoped we were past that now. I always felt that the TOS Enterprise was rather small to be going off on 5 year missions.

With all the time incursions that have occurred in both the films and TV series it stands to reason that technology will have benefitted and that circumstances and ship design/size will also be different.

That's the beauty of a reboot as it allows the writers and designers to move past the limitations of what went before.

It has been said in this thread already by Bryce that the new films could be based off the ending of First Contact and the more time that passes since that event the greater the changes will be.

I cant say I blame Starfleet for building the Vengeance after the Narada appeared and splatted an entire fleet (then losing Vulcan), events like that have a huge impact on ship design and the direction of policy towards exploration.

In any military you will have the hawks (heavily armed defense) and the doves (pure exploration focus), with all that has happened with the Narada and Vulcan it is reasonable to expect that the hawks won the argument and the result is the Vengeance.

I would have no problem with the NuEnterprise being destroyed and then Kirk being given the Vengeance after having it renamed (won't happen of course) best we can expect is a refit of the NuEnterprise at the end of the film.

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