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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

The Vengeance doesn't work for me because it incorporates elements of aviation and maritime technology, while ignoring what has been established in previous Star Trek. Planes are painted black to reduce temperatures, i.e. the Blackbird. Starships have in-built coolant systems that handle that task. The shape of the airframe on the Nighthawk is for evading radar. Starships don't need angles; they have sensors that can be programmed to hide their signature. And the difference between a battleship and a heavy cruiser is that the former was a heavily armed and armored vessel with an unremarkable speed and maneuverability and the latter, though lightly armed and armored when compared to the battleship, had greater speed and maneuverability.

I don't see how useful the Vengeance would be in battle. I remember a battle between the MU Defiant and Worf's flagship in which the latter was bested. Now I am imagining a fleet of those bird-of-preys seen in the trailer coming against this ship. Guess who will win? The Klingons, who use bird-of-preys extensively in combat and who perform the task of protecting the larger ships. So why did Starfleet invest money and resources into building this ship, when they could have invested money and resources into a number of smaller ships that could take on the Klingon battle strategy?

It seems the only people who think that battleships are cool is people who don't have the slightest knowledge of naval history.
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