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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Nomad appearing out of McCoy's office (with a turbolift background) is something I just attributed to Kirk being so surprised to see the probe that he had a sudden flashback!
I like that. Good rationalization for what I consider an obvious flaw (probably during the "heat" of editing this episode)

Mytran wrote: View Post
However, after watching the scene again, I see no reason why the various scenes can't co-exist in reality:

1. Kirk & Spock receive a call to report to Sickbay. They run down a corridor.
2. They arrive at a DOUBLE door, labelled as McCoy's quarters.
3. The doors open, revealing Nomad. Behind him is a background that resembles a turbolift directional indicator panel.
4. Nomad moves forward and left, establishing the corridor to be of "S" shape design (however slightly). Spock watches Nomad hover slowly away.
5. Kirk runs toward the doors, which open.
6. In McCoy's office set, Kirk walks smartly in, followed by Spock. A SINGLE door closes behind them.
I'm not sure what you mean by "co-exist". Obviously there needs to be a doctor's office on the port side because of AT (Kirk's pacing in the office reveals exam room next to it. Chapel leaves through the same door, Spock entered earlier, only this time the "briefing room" door sign proportions on the opposite corridor side are better discernable).
If this corridor extends to the one seen in MG, we have good riddance of the turbo lift # 3 position and a longer corridor enabling better rationalization of Lokai's and Bele's "jogging" on Deck 5 (especially the shot with Bele that reveals a rather long corridor, unobstructed by turbo lifts unless he is running in the outermost corridor, suggested by the red multi-purpose room door that should be yellow in the inner corridor). But - of course - there'd be two similar doctor's offices on Deck 5 with the wall lizards (I have no problem whatsoever with the skulls on the shelves. Even aboard the Defiant the doctor's office had those skulls, so I presume it's a hobby of Starfleet's ship surgeons to collect and compete for exotic skulls...).

1. Yes, but we could debate if this corridor is the one right next to room 5R 672 or somewhere else.
2. Yes
3. "Kirk's odd flashback", otherwise Nomad's speed would suggest that the turbo lift is in the way to other rooms, here.
4. Here, I have to disagree. Nomad might make a swing in the corridor but he is moving clockwise according to flopped shot (which I believe to be intentional). If this scene takes place next to the isolation bedroom 5R 671 (TI) there'd be no need to illustrate an S-shaped corridor (again, the atmospheric panel Spock works is the same one near McCoy's and the tri-ladder in AT, possibly indicating where the DP wanted this scene to take place and the camera movement in TI never reveals this corridor side's part that'd be necessary to locate 5R 672 here)
5. and 6. Yes.

Mytran wrote: View Post
In other words, the DOUBLE doors lead to a short corridor from which McCoy's office (for this episode anyway) is attached. I'll try and rig up a diagram tomorrow, but hopefully you get the jist of my theory.
Perfect! Basically you get inside and have to make a left turn to get to the actual door of McCoy's office. This would also take care of the opposing ladder and door we see when they enter the office in "The Changeling" (maybe this could be an inspiration how to deal with all those briefing room sets on the decks with the quarters. I'm still trying to figure out how the briefing room set could be converted into a multi-bedroom cabin if it's not briefing room, rec room, stairway room or shower room...).

Mytran wrote: View Post
BTW, this switching of single and double doors has been happening since Season One - one example that has so far gone unmentioned is in BOT: In the penultimate scene Kirk leaves the chapel through double doors, which appear to transform into a single doors prior to his final dutiful stride down the corridor.
Is has only gone unmentioned because I haven't dealt with Deck 6, yet. But "thanks" for reminding me of the dilemma.

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