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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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Having been a writer and author for much of my life, as well as a substitute English teacher, the devolution of the English language is a pet peeve of mine. Much of this phenomenon comes from a lack of proper education and laziness.

I was taught to speak and write proper English aka "the King's English". Ebonics, street slang and such are abhorrent to me.
I write professionally too (not in English though) and I have a completely different relationship with language.

In my opinion, the kind of distinction you're making here is absurd. Yes, there is such a thing as "proper English", but it is just one variant among many others, one which has been arbitrarily chosen to set the standard 600 years ago, yes, but that doesn't mean that the other variants are not part of the English language. They are, and in fact those idioms you find so abhorrent are the gateway where new words and expressions enter the language, which keeps English fresh and relevant.
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