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Revisiting Arrested Development

We just re-signed up for netflix and I've decided (To honor the fact that new episodes will arrive and then a movie) to revisit Arrested Development. This is considered by many to be one of the greatest sitcoms of all time (People always blame Fox for the cancellation of Firefly, yet when they cancelled AD, I was more upset about that) and I rewatched the first two episodes tonight.

I'm sure I'll really get into it as the series goes on, but right now I think I like Parks and Recreation better. Of course I'm only two episodes into AD and I've seen all of Parks, so that will change. I will say though that AD is as funny as I remember it, even if I'm not at the point where it get's really good.

So what are everyone's thoughts on this show? Are you looking forward to the new episodes and then the movie? Also, as an aside, I'm looking for new things now that I have Netflix Instant. Any good recommendations?
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