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April Art Challenge - Flux Capacitor Entry #2

This may end up being my only entry since I'm much happier with the outcome of this one than the first. I was inspired by the "ship falling out of the sky" concept seen in the Into Darkness trailers, as well as coming across my Lake Tahoe pictures from last fall.

The Beauty and the beast concept is depicted here by juxtaposing a beautiful, serene backdrop with the ugly horrors of interstellar war (in this case, the Dominion War) This peaceful, lush and beautiful M-class planet is becoming an innocent bystander to the cold, uncaring beast of war.

Click to bigify

As for the execution, I may need to sleep on it but I'm pretty sure things like lighting and shadows are correct. From my memory of the day, the sun was fairly high and would have been coming nearly straight down on the ships.
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