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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

Red Boxed it and played splitscreen with a friend for a while. The controls are kind of janky at times, and the cover system could really do with being a lot smoother and a lot more intuitive. As pointed out a million times before, the graphics are nothing to write home about. It looks more like a 2006 title than a 2013 one. The gaming press is not likely to go easy on this title, especially now that they've been exposed to vastly superior character models, mo cap, environments, and lighting in game titles for the past several years. This game looks like a marketplace title.

Still, the game is functional, and serviceable in most respects. Especially when it comes to co-op. I haven't encountered anything game-breaking so far, aside from terrible partner AI. Thank god for the coop, which fixes that little problem. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of content in the game, what with the space jumps, the minigames, tricorder use, etc.

The story is just sort of... there, I guess. It's not particularly interesting, and the bad guys don't have a super interesting presence in the plot. The story gets you from A to B, which works well enough, I guess.

The voice acting is all in all pretty good. The use of the cast from the film really amps up the authenticity factor. Some are better, some are kind of eh. Giacchino's score is pretty darn good - it feels a lot like the ST09 score, which it obviously should, but has some unique elements of its own. I'm particularly liking a lot of the Frontier Starbase stuff and the Gorn action cues. The sound is overall probably the biggest strength of this game.

Overall, it's head and shoulders above most movie license games, but it's not quite the push into the AAA gaming space Paramount was aiming for. I still hope the game pushes a halfway decent number of copies to warrant an improved installation in the Trek gaming franchise. You know, something that can become legendary to both Trekkies and hardcore gamers, like Star Trek's answer to Butcher Bay or KOTOR. Brian Miller and his people walk the walk and talk the talk - I want to believe, but this is a pretty rough start.
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