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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Respectfully, untrue. "Logic" is merely consistant method by which one reasons and assesses (there are many branches or "schools of thought"), Furthermore, "diplomacy" is always done with purpose and in accordance to a set or code of principles (logic) so "Diplomacy" IS a process of "logic" in that it is a means to end (as Spock says in Star Trek VI).
Your pattern of conjecture is nearing legendary.
Logic is all about scope. When a policy is made, in one scope it may not appear logical while in another it may appear so.

Gary7 wrote:
I personally don't agree with the Federation banning cloaking device use, but I understand why they did it.
I don't. Diplomacy usually comes down to either a "quid pro quo" or as an uliteral act. Sadly, we cannot assume facts or circumstances not entered into evidence by the writers so we can only infer, at this point, a unilateral act.
You don't? Not logical enough for you? Pick a side and stick with it. In one respect it doesn't make logical sense for the Federation to turn away from a tactical advantage. DS9 demonstrated the need to use it, and a sensible policy made it possible. In TNG there was no such agreement with the Romulans; cloaking devices were deemed "dishonorable" and thus banned. But in DS9 it was a cop-out. It doesn't matter if you're borrowing a cloaking device or employing your own--it's still being used. Ownership is ultimately irrelevant. In the case of the Romulan cloak, they're supposed to "turn it over" when done. This "limits" its use by the Federation. Well, the Federation could impose its own internal policy on the limited use of a cloaking device, as I'd outlined previously. THAT makes logical sense. And screw the Romulans if they get offended by a superior cloaking device in Federation hands (transphasic cloak is like having an atomic bomb in 1945).

That doesn't hold up though as this only restricted The Federation. Klingons and Romulans still had it. The Cardassians were likely not bound by the treaty. The Gorn, Tholiens, Dominion, Borg, etc. were not bound by this treaty. So the Federation still had the same, if not greater, threat of rogue vessels employing cloaking devices to their constant disadvantage.
You're forgetting that there is a clearly defined scope of the Federation. "Federation Space". It's not Klingon, Romulan, or Cardassian space. It's a zone of trust with those worlds and species that are members of the Federation. If everybody is roaming about Federation space with cloaking devices... well, you just can't "traffic control" the place. You get these sensor ghosts all over of cloaked ships wandering about... which one is friendly and which one is a Romulan warbird that breached the Neutral Zone? That's my point. The Federation doesn't want to deal with that kind of risk.
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