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A Nova Squad or Red Squad Series

OK so in 2011 I was at the Vegas Trek convention. One of the panels had Anthony Pascale the editor for and commentator for some of the Trek movies. The panel with Pascale was about a potential future Trek series and what it would be about. When it ended he said he would like to see a series that focused on young cadets like Nova or Red Squad, set on Earth for the first season and then branch out in to space exploration for following seasons.

Why is ^this^ a "thing"? Braga wanted to do a whole season of ENT on Earth before getting in to space exploration. I'm sure everybody realizes that Trek seasons span about 25 episode per season. Could a show that hasn't been popular with the general public really softball it in for 25 episodes on Earth and not get cancelled? Why do persons of influence in the Trek community feel that camping the show on Earth would be a good thing?

Also what is up with trying to make a show about Red/Nova Squad? The 2 episodes we've seen elite cadets haven't painted the brightest picture of them, and I certainly wouldn't want to see an entire season of them doing whatever it is they do. Sounds like drek to me.

While I was at the panel a gentleman stood up and said that making a show as was described would basically be Star Trek: The OC for it's first season. Pretty young actors with nothing to do but live life as the best and smartest at Star Fleet Academy. Not saying that I agree with the man's terminology but with shows getting axed left and right these days and using cadets, the appeal would be for the teen/young adult audience. TPTB may just make Star Trek: The OC if they were to revive it for tv

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