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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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You mean aside from the Klingons and Romulans using cloaked ships while the Federation has none? Even if the Romulans or Klingons gave up something it would still have been an idiotic, needlessly self-hobbling concession for the Federation to make. As presented, there was zero common sense or wisdom to it
Maybe if you're a warmonger.

I disagree. What was it that motivated the Pegasus experiments?
Some guys just wanting to violate a treaty that kept billions from dying in a pointless war for something that wasn't much of an advantage anymore anyways.

So, it would have been in the interest of the story to mention a reason why or concession gained to further illustrate why the experiments were wrong.
Maybe, but it's hardly something a person can't realize on their own.

In kind? Hardly. The Romulans came in and massacred ... the Enterprise did not.
They both violated the Neutral Zone and came close to provoking war. It's a bit of a culture clash because to the Romulans "Balance of Terror" was apparently the standard thing to do (test the waters) whereas to the Feds it's barbaric.

So, what is expressly said in one episode (Balance of Terror) is thrown out while what is not stated in another episode (Pegasus) is supposed and given weight?
I'm not throwing out what BOT said, I'm clarifying it. "Impulse" still meant FTL, just a less powerful one. Without FTL the ship couldn't have gotten around so much in the first place.

Heroes are only as great as the obstacles they overcome. To claim the cloaking device was of no consequence is to diminish the stature and accomplishments of our heroes.
It's not of NO consequence, just one that they work to overcome without copying it.

What does the Federation not being a military dictatorship have to do with anything?
That talk about how the TNG Feds not being as militant as the 20th century.

Are you suggesting the opposite of a military dictorship is a body that agree to foolish, unreciprocated treaty clauses?
No, the opposite is a Polity that tries to avert major wars that would kill billions when there are other options that don't leave them crippled.
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