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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

Trekkies will bitch about anything that doesn't suit their preconceived notions. Once their sensibilities are offended, they figure out reasons that the offending factoid "doesn't make sense" or is somehow illogical or implausible while swallowing whole any ridiculous idea that does suit their expectations.

Yes, "Vengeance" has not been an uncommon name for naval vessels over the last several centuries. Seems to have a more distinguished lineage than a silly name like "Excelsior," at that.

Starships in Abrams's movies are "a ridiculous size?" Only if you assume that oldTrek is some kind of expert tutorial on how real starships would be constructed; otherwise, no one has any idea what's a plausible size for an FTL vessel constructed three or four centuries from now.

What does Starfleet want "vengeance" for? I just can't imagine - oh, maybe they let the Vulcans name it.
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