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Re: Are many of you going to "spoil" yourselves next week?

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Hello all, I am new to this forum. I have been reading material on here for a few months now, but finally decided to stop being lazy and set up an account. So, pleased to meet all of you.

With the film premiering next week in Australia, we all know what is coming. All mysteries will be revealed.

I, for one, think this film is definitely going to have some tie to Wrath of Khan. But, the constant speculation has gotten almost too hard to take.

I want so badly to just sneak a peak and find out the true answers. I think we all want to know which theory is correct, etc.

So, how many of you are going to "get spoiled" next week?

Perhaps a better question would be how many of you think it will be possible to avoid spoilers, especially if the villain turns out to be a certain passenger on the Botany Bay?

I have had as many spoilers as I can take. If I read the 28-minute thread and came away wishing I hadn't read it. I've told this story in here before, but I enjoyed Insurrection because I knew very little about the story. Just that it was "fountain of youth." Contrast that to Star Trek (2009), where I knew Vulcan was destroyed, and it ruined the lead-up. As soon as they said "emergency on Vulcan," I knew how it would end. I wasn't captivated by it at all. I have a framework, what I call it, created by the spoilers, expectations, for how this movie will turn out. And they will play into or against those things. I have learned my lesson. After I see this movie, before the next one, you will not see me in here clicking and responding to threads. I want it to remain a secret. I will see the teaser trailer and that's all. I don't want breakdowns telling me
I want to be shocked and captivated by the movie when I see it.
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