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Art Vandelay wrote: View Post
The thing with Trek pre-2008 is that it didn't need to be wall-to-wall action. It didn't have to be marketed as the next Dark Knight.
I hate wall-to-wall, mindless action films. As much as I love "The Lord of the Rings", interminable fight scenes put me to sleep - wake me up when the arrows have stopped flying - oh good, here come the oliphaunts to finish them off!

But I did not feel that "Star Trek (2009)" nor "Star Trek Into Darkness" were "wall-to-wall action" films. The action sequences are still permeated with wonderful character scenes. (I also recall people who deliberately waited for "Star Trek 2009" to come to DVD or download to small screen - and then complained. )

CTarnak wrote: View Post
No, Chekov and Sulu don't even speak, that I remember.
Then we saw different movies.

Oh, you mean they don't speak to each other.
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