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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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So what? The only Germans that we see on the show are nazis and I don't whine about it and pretend that Trek is somehow anti-German when it clearly isn't.
Contemporary identity politics aka "I only care for my group" is oblivious to the bigger picture, to universal emancipation. MLK did not merely fight for the rights of Black people but also for working people, for people in Vietnam and so on. This is true progressive politics, caring about more than your personal shit. Trek has clearly always implied universal emancipation so could we stop these insinuations that the franchise is somehow homophobe? If you wanna be consistent you'd have to also claim that it is e.g. anti-Inuit, anti-Chinese, anti-deaf, anti-wheelchair and so on. Obviously this is lunatic.


the problem with the so-called "progressive left" these days has been it's tendency to fracture its coalitions on stupid lines of identity politics.
Indeed. Identity politics is basically some kind of self-undermining. You need solidarity, unity and discipline to get shit done.

Apart from this intra-left problem we do of course have to acknowledge that not every member of a discriminated minority is on the left. If I remember correctly T'Girl is a libertarian right-winger so she naturally only cares for her personal LGBT interests. And while I also think that the next Trek series should feature a non-heterosexual character I don't want it to be ideologically influenced by such kind of identity politics aka group egoism. Its underlying notion has to be that this is a future for everybody, not that group XYZ can cry hoorah because they are in Trek now.

And at the risk of pissing off some people, especially gay right-wingers like T'Girl, in a world where a Thatcherite assholes like Cameron are fine with gay marriage we might wanna reconsider this focus upon non-economic issues. Sure, they have been neglected by the Old Left but nowadays we have reached the other extreme.
What applies for the real world also applies for Trek. It should focus more on continuing to be a world without economic exploitation and so on than on showing the end of discrimination of minorities. The discrimination of the majority is the bigger issue.
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