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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

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The bridge didn't have extra stations because they didn't want a bridge full of control consoles. It was the whole "technology unchained" idea: with all the high tech, you don't need a bunch of people sitting at stations all day. The rear stations were they for the odd times they wanted/needed them. It wasn't a matter of money, 4x3 considerations or whatever else you want to invent.

And you don't need a wide set to shoot widescreen, you just have to know how to frame a shot.
Framing Worf in was hard even in 4:3. I'm kinda surprised they didn't wind up dutching low-angle shots past Picard looking up at him. Ideally, they should have built a little sinkhole for him to stand in to bring him down in the frame (especially given the actor's height.)
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