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No, but BillJ stated he didn't understand how Gillian could fit a role in the Eugenics Wars since Khan and Co. were already young adults by 1986. What about Khan's age in 1986 affects Gillian involvement/lack of involvement with the Eugenics Wars?
It depends on how long the Augments have been around. If they've been around since (at least) the 1960s, then they'd be fairly old news to Gillian in 1986. But if they suddenly came out of nowhere in 1986, then they'd be just something Gillian had only recently heard about (I proposed having them be the product of accelerated growth as one way that could happen).

Either way, I think Gillian's "involvement" in the Eugenics Wars would be tangential, perhaps no more than she was alive when the first seeds of the conflict were probably planted, with actual direct hostilities to occur about six years later, IMO.
I gotta disagree. Edith Keeler's life had a great impact on World War II, yet she had no connection to Hitler. Gillian could likewise have had a profound impact on the Eugenics Wars without ever meeting Khan.
Explain how, please. Gillian's work was in Cetacean biology (namely whales). You'd have to come up with a connection between whales and the Eugenics Wars.
Eh, all this is spitballing though. I personally don't like the notion of Gillian having an influence ala Edith Keeler. We've already been there and done that. But it's fun to what-if.
Gillian Taylor is one of the least likely persons to be involved directly in the Eugenics Wars, IMO, but a case could be made that she was there to see the events leading up to it.
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