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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

I have two ideas about where the bridge could be. For me it's at the uppermost level of the main section and towards the front. So I think it's just before the hull starts to slope down to nose or it's located between the Long Range Comm Array (the rectangle just behind the upper bow light) and the coffin like thingy that houses the deep space telescope.

I haven't really given any thought to what the bridge might look like.

Note I avoided any bow windows, but I suppose that could be changed.

As for the interior I don't envision many spacious areas within the ship. I see it as somewhat similar to a submarine where a lot of the habitable areas are squeezed and snaked in among big and bulky mechanicals. The nose and nav-deflector pod are crammed with all kinds of sensing systems, the pod being an area rarely entered except for periodic inspection and maintenance. The aft support section is full of drive and ship's support systems---not hot and uncomfortable like old ship boiler rooms, but not the most welcoming areas for most people beyond operational purposes. Besides the pod no one would go up or down into the support stuts except for periodic inspection and maintenance. I don't see the bridge as a familiar circular affair.

My design isn't too far removed from what I'd have liked to see in ENT. Imagine if they had opted to have a Trek series that didn't look immediately familiar and practically interchangeable with what had just come before.
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