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Re: Exact runtime verified.

Of course, knock about seven minutes off the run time to take into account the credits and that's how much story time there will be.

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We have ways of avoiding the trip.
That... Depends.
Oh, no! That's not what I meant. I meant being over 50, one is mature and wise enough to realize it's not smart to take a 32 oz. soda into the theater. Yes. That's what I meant. Yes. That's it.
It's sad, when I was a kid I could buy large drinks at the theatre and sith through the whole movie. But when I turned 18 I'd have to take a piss halfway through. Since then I've only gotten medium, but lately even that is making me need to get up twice or even three times during a two hour movie (and I'm only 28). Maybe it's time I stop buying Coke at the theatre. It's pretty damn overpriced anyway.
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