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Planet around Alpha Centauri - lets talk about it

Inspired by the thread by Romulan spy I wanted to talk about this topic. So they believe they have found a planet in our nearest neighbor system but that seems to be about all they can tell at the moment. My question, what will it take to determine it's status?

Can a "class M" planet be viable in a stars system with 3 stars? If so, what leaps in technology will it take to get a good image of it? Can we make a some kind of spectral analysis to tell if it's really hot or large or what not. We'll want details.

I understand apparently it's so close it would be like writing a paragraph on the head of a pin, putting it right up to your eye and saying now read it. Just not doable. To me a little counter intuitive but who can argue with physics?! What do we need to develop in order to do it?

What will it take to say, that it IS or IS NOT an Earth like planet?

This subject greatly fascinates me and hope my questions aren't too ridiculous sounding.

Thank you for listening.
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