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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

kirk5555 wrote:
Also, what telepath unpleasantness? the bombings from late B5 season 5? What are the new rules for telepaths?
Remember Lyta and Garibaldi's deal? Garibaldi was given two years to fund Lyta to get his block against Bester removed. Since Lyta now had funding - Telepath War in 2264. Telepaths can now serve in the military. There's a little bit more on this in later episodes.

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War Zone was a Pilot TNT forced JMS to Produce, because they wanted a "sum-up" the plot Pilot. Episode 1.01 was his desired Pilot for the series.
"Racing the Night" was the intended first episode.

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The Technomages were basically just getting out of the Shadows's way. Once the Shadow War ended they really didn't have a reason to remain hidden, though many of them still are.
Actually there's a specific reason they had to get out and not be near the Shadows influence. The Shadows servants may have the same capability and the Technomages aren't sure.

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