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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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But there's another "screwup" that got me thinking. The late McCoy office scene in Cg is full of oddities:
  • Kirk and Spock arrive at the exam room double door but get into the doctor's office (intentional)
  • Nomad is leaving the room but it's actually a shot of Nomad leaving a turbo lift (definitely screwup)
  • Nomad's ride down the corridor is "flopped", suggesting he's hoovering down the corridor clockwise (intentional? the atmospheric control panel Spock is working on is usually at the opposite corridor's end as seen in AT !!!)
Here one could argue that this office (5R 672) is actually next to the isolation bedroom from TI (5R 671) !!!

In the TI corridor we only saw the "Jefferies Tube Corridor" but not the opposite side (i.e. tri-ladder, red door to "engineering" etc.). If I were to present the MG corridor and the one from WE (and consequently TI, too) as two separate corridors in the next draft, I'd definitely keep this option in mind (although I'd feel that two Dr. McCoy offices on the same deck are a little too much. Alternately his office section in his personal cabin on Deck 5 - in contrast to the provisional one on Deck 12 in "The Man Trap" - just looks like his public office).

Nomad appearing out of McCoy's office (with a turbolift background) is something I just attributed to Kirk being so surprised to see the probe that he had a sudden flashback!

However, after watching the scene again, I see no reason why the various scenes can't co-exist in reality:

1. Kirk & Spock receive a call to report to Sickbay. They run down a corridor.
2. They arrive at a DOUBLE door, labelled as McCoy's quarters.
3. The doors open, revealing Nomad. Behind him is a background that resembles a turbolift directional indicator panel.
4. Nomad moves forward and left, establishing the corridor to be of "S" shape design (however slightly). Spock watches Nomad hover slowly away.
5. Kirk runs toward the doors, which open.
6. In McCoy's office set, Kirk walks smartly in, followed by Spock. A SINGLE door closes behind them.

In other words, the DOUBLE doors lead to a short corridor from which McCoy's office (for this episode anyway) is attached. I'll try and rig up a diagram tomorrow, but hopefully you get the jist of my theory.

BTW, this switching of single and double doors has been happening since Season One - one example that has so far gone unmentioned is in BOT: In the penultimate scene Kirk leaves the chapel through double doors, which appear to transform into a single doors prior to his final dutiful stride down the corridor.

The swapping of doors would not be such a problem if they weren't noticeably different sizes - 3' wide for a single door, 4'wide for a double.

On a side note, thank you for drawing my attention to McCoy's wallbound lizard. I can't believe I didn't notice it before!
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