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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

^Yeah, KB you might want to try a better website for healthful recipes. Or check the Going Veggie thread here, there are a lot ove healthy recipes in there.
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Whatever they've done to improve frozen vegies is impressive. Last time I had some I noticed they were frozen pretty much raw, snap locked broccoli that defrosted crispy and tender.

Oh and the bread thing, you know you can freeze bread kbushway? If you manage to find a really good wholesome bread slice it and freeze it so you always have something healthy to have with your meal if you are wanting carbs. I'm going to assume that since you are a young male you are going to be wanting carbs. Myself, I could eat a bowl of snow peas for dinner and be happy. I know this is odd advice but I've had a lot of people act shocked that you can freeze bread over the years.
My mom lives alone but loves to bake, so she ends up baking a few different loaves of bread, and sometimes little cakes for dessert, and then freezing them in single serving containers, which is super convenient. She always has the most amazing options: beer bread, pretzel bread, low sugar zucchini bread, wheat bread, herman (sort of a cake-like sourdough apple bread), etc. I don't really eat bread, as I get all the carbs I need from fruit, veggies, and beans, but it's great when I'm on vacation for a treat.

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