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Re: Making the Intepid Class Prototype (Sternbach)

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One thing I don't like about this design is the nacelles. The way they are oriented/shaped makes them look too like they are part of a sled, so in my mind it has the effect of "grounding" the overall design too much. Downward oriented nacelles in general are less dynamic looking so care has to be taken to avoid making it look too stodgy/slow.

I agree too, and that's probably why it wasn't used - not...doesn't look like a ship to carry a series...more like a background ship. But I still like it.

And it *does* look like it would be much more stable on landing than the final Voyager design did! Voyager looked like it would need some kind of field technology to keep it up and balanced....and if those fail, not so good. But this ship looks like it would sit fine on the ground all on it's own! (Which was probably the original intent!)

You know, Voyage had those moving nacelles...they were supposed to be some kind of adjustable "variable geometry warp drive". I was thinking, you could make the nacelles on THIS design maybe swing up and above the saucer for warp flight - and swing down like they are now for landing!

What do ya think?
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