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If this was a complete reboot them a white Khan would be fine, however it is not.
So time travelling Romulans turned a three hundred year old Indian into a Northern European?

See - this is the problem with time travel hokum to try to hook the reboot to the old series. It always just results in a far more incoherent fictional universe than a clean restart would.
It is a clean restart. The Prime timeline of the Abrams canon is an original creation that bears a strong resemblance to the original canon. Spock Prime appearing in XI is like the 1979 Cylons appearing in NuBSG: it looks like the original but isn't.

Feel better?
I wasn't feeling bad - at least not about this. This is all academic to me because Abrams can't seem to tell a decent story, so without that most basic aspect in place, this is just a way for me to pass time commenting on something inconsequential so I can escape from worry about my father who is about to have open heart surgery.

However, your argument is flawed. This is not at all the same as nuBSG which gave a nod to the original series by having the first generation Cylons in its cleanly restarted story look like the Cylons from the original series. There was no attempt to use AU/time travel bs to connect the two stories. And for whatever problems I had with BSG as it went along - at least it bravely took its franchise somewhere more complex and more interesting than the original. Star Trek, sadly, seems headed in the opposite direction, becoming more shallow, more bland and more generic.
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