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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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If you didn't live and grow up in the 20th/21st centuries, you would have no idea how the world economy works. I've always been satisfied to tell myself that the Federation economy is just too complex for me to understand. When Jake Sisko says Fed citizens don't have money, I take that to mean money as we know it.

A society, no matter how socialist, has to have currency to trade with other societies. There are things that cannot be replicated (time, energy, land, art) and ownership of them has to be determined somehow.
I usually agree with this idea, but the problem is, Jake says he doesn't have money because he's human. Not because he's a teenager or out of money at the moment.

He then is shown as being completely helpless to buy anything that involved money. Nog OTOH, could easily do it.

Apparently Jake was just going to (Starfleet) replicators for all his personal needs for free.

It suggests humans are simply living off replicators absolutely free, though they do have jobs that they do , but only to better humanity, not for pay.

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. . . Ironic - -humans have all that they want, absolutely free, and yet deliberately flee from it, and choose life in a colony where they have to work, struggle and use money to live.
Not at all ironic if you accept the premise of the TOS ep "This Side of Paradise."

Humans have an inherent need to face challenges and overcome obstacles, to work for what they receive and and be fairly rewarded for their efforts. Call it the Puritan work ethic or whatever you like, but getting all your needs for free, even if it's possible, just doesn't feel right.
This is the premise then; humans don't use money among themselves--no currency.

A person wants to 'buy' a piece of property from a friend. Humans don't use money. Picard stated this clearly on two separate occasions.

How do humans exchange property when they dont use money?
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