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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I was never good at science, but isn't symbiogenesis a biological process? Tuvix was created through a transporter accident, not biology.
In the episode, it was explained that the transporter facilitated a biological process.

JANEWAY: I beg your pardon?
TUVIX: What I mean to say is, and I apologise for cutting you off, Commander, I think we're on the wrong track. Kes, you said that the flowers you examined contained lysosomal enzymes.
KES: That's right.
TUVIX: According to Tuvok's botanical research, the presence of lysosomal enzymes could be evidence of symbiogenesis.
KES: Symbiogenesis?
JANEWAY: Symbiogenesis is a rare reproductive process. Instead of pollination or mating, symbiogenetic organisms merge with a second species.
TUVIX: Andorian amoeba for instance. They're able to merge with other single-celled organisms to form a third unique species, a hybrid.
KES: Like you.
TUVIX: Exactly.
JANEWAY: It's an interesting idea. But we're talking about microcellular organisms here. I've never heard of symbiogenesis occurring in a species as complex as a humanoid.
TUVIX: Actually Captain, when you think about it, Neelix and Tuvok were broken down to a microcellular level during transport. DNA, protein, all in a state of molecular flux.
KIM: And if the enzymes that cause symbiogenesis interacted with their DNA while they were in the matter stream, it might have caused their patterns to merge.
JANEWAY: Like an Andorian amoeba.
TUVIX: Just like that, Tuvix is born.
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