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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Taya, prove he is sentient, prove anyone is sentient. You see what you want to see, and it is colored by your experience. What makes you wrong is your instance that everyone believe as you do. And you don't know me, you've never wanted to know me, so keep your assessments of me to your self and stick to the conversation topic. And bottom line the only thing you can consider is property because every other way of looking at this is emotional.
No, Brit, I'm looking at the episode as an episode of science fiction in which the science is medicine. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but it seems to be an area where I have more professional experience than you do--and I'm simply basing that judgement on your responses. From those responses, I've gathered that you do not have a clear understanding of medical ethics, the Hippocratic oath or the science that was at the basis of the episode. That is not a judgement against you, that is simply an observation.

Contrary to your assertion, the morals of this episode can very easily be argued based on the story as given and StarTrek canon. It does not have to be emotional. Indeed, the folks who made it emotional were those arguing that anyone would kill to save a loved one.

And, no, I'm actually not arguing that everyone think as I do. You are.

I believe a number of pages back it was JanewayRulz who noted Kathryn's difficulty with the decision and how Kate acted that scene to show it. She thought Kathryn did the right thing. I thought her argument was sound and said so.

It's also what I liked about the episode: Kate acted the hell out of it without chewing the scenery. She was at her best conveying Janeway's discomfort with the situation.
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