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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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And nothing suggests the Feds were the only ones giving up anything.
You mean aside from the Klingons and Romulans using cloaked ships while the Federation has none? Even if the Romulans or Klingons gave up something it would still have been an idiotic, needlessly self-hobbling concession for the Federation to make. As presented, there was zero common sense or wisdom to it

It wasn't important to mention what the Rommies gave up, just the Feds side of things.
I disagree. What was it that motivated the Pegasus experiments? Some in Starfleet feeling the Federation had put themselves at a disadvantage.

So, it would have been in the interest of the story to mention a reason why or concession gained to further illustrate why the experiments were wrong.

As it was, one could not help but agree and sympathise with the rogue elements within Starfleet - which is also why Section 31 has been so warmly embraced by so many.

That the Feds responded in kind. They captured the Romulan tech and took a ranking officer captive. Arguably more damage done than what the Romulans did in Balance of Terror by wrecking some minor outposts.
In kind? Hardly. The Romulans came in and massacred ... the Enterprise did not.

Those "minor outpost" were established by treaty to monitor compliance and were populated. The Romulans crossed into Federation space, destroyed outposts and murdered people without provocation.

The Federation, on the other hand, was provoked (by the actions shown in "Balance of Terror") to obtain a cloking device in order to study and neutalize that advantage it represented.

You misunderstand, when Balance of Terror was written the idea was the Impulse still meant FTL, just less than Full Warp Drive. The Romulan ship had FTL, that one ship just didn't have full Warp capacity. The story wouldn't have made sense otherwise.
So, what is expressly said in one episode (Balance of Terror) is thrown out while what is not stated in another episode (Pegasus) is supposed and given weight?

It's Iconic to Trek, mainly.
"Iconic," yes ... but it still has to serve a purpose and justify itself. It does so by being a device to create tension and suspense - for it to do that it has to be shown or implied to be an effective advantage.

Heroes are only as great as the obstacles they overcome. To claim the cloaking device was of no consequence is to diminish the stature and accomplishments of our heroes.

In effect your arguements equate to "cutting off one's nose to spite their face."

Like I said, I'm happy the Federation isn't the same bland Space Military Dictatorship most unoriginal sci-fi series use.
What does the Federation not being a military dictatorship have to do with anything?

Are you suggesting the opposite of a military dictorship is a body that agree to foolish, unreciprocated treaty clauses? I agree that would be an atypical virtue.
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