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There aren't a lot of starring roles for Indian actors in Hollywood. This was one of them.
The part's never been played by an Indian actor or by an actor who resembled an Indian.

For that matter Uhura's never been played by an actor who really looks African*, but white Americans tend to have rather generalized and inattentive notions about race and ethnicity to the extent they exist.

*I can't recall whether Uhura is canonically - that is, onscreen - African or whether that's just what's been said in supporting biographical material for the character. Sulu was eventually established to have been born in the United States (ST 4)
She was - and very early on. First aired episode "The Man Trap", Salt Vampire turns into sexy African man who speaks to Uhura in Swahili and she responds in kind and with delight. Between that and her name, it is at least circumstantial for a language expert) confirmation of her native land.

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Just curious. But were people this upset when Patrick Stewart was cast as a French Captain with a very distinct English accent?
People were far more upset about him being bald and not Captain Kirk than the whole Frenchman with English accent thing. It got remarked upon after people stopped tearing their hair, rending their clothes and wailing though.

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If this was a complete reboot them a white Khan would be fine, however it is not.
So time travelling Romulans turned a three hundred year old Indian into a Northern European?

See - this is the problem with time travel hokum to try to hook the reboot to the old series. It always just results in a far more incoherent fictional universe than a clean restart would.
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