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I postulate that Trek can change, make money and be good storytelling at the same time.
I postulate that I can grow wings and fly to Mars.

I was just over at IMDB - the furor over Cumberbatch playing Khan is becoming preposterous enough that I think the Onion can get a video out of it now.
Gad, the people over IMDB who obsess about the appropriateness of Benedict playing Khan are basically jumped up AICN fanbois.

JJ's job is to make an entertaining movie with decent enough acting that is close enough to Trek that it will remain recognizably Trek AND put asses in seats.

The producers had a choice between Benedict and Del Toro, who they couldn't come to terms with for some reason. Now they probably could have gotten a really good Bollywood Leading Man to play Khan and the guy might have become an overnight hit here in the states. There are some really great Bollywood leading guys that could have played Khan right into the stratosphere. However, Benedict has this huge, built in worldwide fan base due to his body of work.

Trek fans and fanboys don't realize that the producers and Paramount need a return on their investment that beats the 2009 film.
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