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Re: Jake's Cougar Hunt

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Did anyone else feel uncomfortable with Jake's relationship with the Dabo girl? I was a little uncomfortable, but my wife was appalled when she watched that episode with me. There were also other moments when the writers hinted at Jake with older women (that woman who forced him to write to drain his energy had sexual imagery). And this was in the early seasons. He was still a minor IIRC?
Mardah? Yeah she's a subplot for Jake early on. Not sure how far you got, but Sisko isn't happy with it at all when he finds out. Mardah was only four years older than Jake though. Though that number's a lot bigger when you're under eighteen yeah, but it wasn't quite the cradle robbing it seemed at first.

Nice snippet from The Abandoned.

SISKO Quark may call her a dabo girl... but she's twenty years old. She's a woman... and Jake's a sixteen-year- old boy. It has to stop.
O'BRIEN So why'd you invite her over? If you don't mind my asking.

SISKO Curiosity, mostly. I want to see what I'm up against.

O'BRIEN But what if it turns out that you... like her?

SISKO She's a dabo girl and she's dating my son. I don't want to like her. Sisko gives him a look and then EXITS. O'Brien watches him for a moment and tries to put himself in Jake's shoes.

O'BRIEN (to himself) Sixteen years old and dating a dabo girl... (sounds pretty good) ... Godspeed, Jake.

Though this isn't Jake's only pass at an older woman.
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