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Comic Book Related Sub-Forum in SF&F?

Not sure if this has been posed in awhile or what if any answer was given.

Maybe a short thread.

With 2 active threads for Marvel and DC comics themselves
Individual movie tracking threads for:
Iron Man 3
Thor Dark World
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy
Avengers 2
General Phase 3 MCU news
Man of Steel
JLA speculation thread
Next Bat film speculation thread

plus the sure to follow Review threads which run parallel for a few weeks

I'd wager threads like Warners Animation news, individual DC solo DDVD projects would have threads.

The SHIELD TV show would have a thread.
Arrow show on CW thread moved here.

The sure to happen next wave of ongoing Marvel cartoons would have threads.

Action Figure or Video game news. I know Misc has a general action fig thread but that's dominated by Star Wars talk.

Perhaps discussion of other comics as well outside DC/Marvel? Maybe not, my Valiant thread died so this board may not have much broad interest beyond the Big 2.

Is it time for a Comic Book related Sub-Forum? The front page or two usually has several at any given time very active.
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