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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

I understand the whole technology unchained concept since the bridge crew felt a lot smaller, and for the most part Riker and Troi never had an official station. They just sat there and advised for the most part. Troi was counselor, and theoretically communications, but Worf handled hailing. So overall, the most vital sections on the bridge were Ops, Security, and Helm. The design was appropriate for that.

However I think it was not that pragmatic of a design. There's been so many episodes where Data was in the rear section, and had to turn around to either talk to the captain, or view the view screen. When Gordi goes on the bridge, he would transfer controls to that stations. The rear stations looked like they were designed to be axillary stations or multipurpose stations. Additionally, half the bridge was higher than the captain's chair, requiring most major battle scenes to be done with Picard standing. It was a huge blind spot. Yes for filming, standing automatically implies more action, however from a pragmatic perspective it was needed to allow Picard a greater view of the bridge and stations to assess the situation. You could contrast that with TOS bridge, Voyager's bridge, Ent-E's bridge or the Defiant's bridge where the captains could assess thing easily while on their chair. Moving science, engineering and communications to the sides and elevating the captain's chair makes sense because it's a more efficient design. The back stations could simply be axillary and they don't have to have extras for that. That's how they handeled the bridge on Voyager and the subsequent Ent-E.
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