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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

You mistake competition for doing the same generic or popular shit that everybody else does. Trek has always been an idea-, not a character-driven franchise and it certainly shouldn't become one just because it is in right now.
While Travis was played by a bad actor and hence did not get any Travis episode anymore after Fortunate Son and Horizon (vice versa with DeKelley and Picardo, once it was seen that they portray their characters well they got more spotlight) I fail to see your problem with Harry Kim. He was perhaps not the most interesting character but you can't have an entire crew full of eccentrics. If you are on a normal ship like the VOY you are bound to have normal people like Janeway, Tuvok and Kim aboard. DS9 featured so many interesting characters because they were in the middle of nowhere with many non-Starfleet characters.
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