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Why does this matter to anyone?
Because some people depend on the illusion that ST universe is real.
Here's the way I look at it (and I'm not a fan of recasting, AT ALL). This is Star Trek. Actors are reused and replaced all the time. We're expected to believe that John Frederick Paxton and Admiral Marcus are two different people, even though they're both Peter Weller. We're expected to believe that Nick Locarno and Tom Paris are two different people, even though they're both played by Robert Duncan McNeill. We're expected to believe Admiral Forrest and Alpha Hirogen are different, even though they're both played by Vaughn Armstrong.

On the other hand, we're also to believe that Saavik looks like both Kirstie Alley and Robin Curtis, Captain James T. Kirk looks like both William Shatner and Chris Pine, and that Zefram Cochrane looks like both Glenn Corbett and James Cromwell. The point is, as long as one character (in this case, Spock Prime) recognizes John Harrison as being Khan Noonien Singh, even though Benedict Cumberbatch looks nothing like Ricardo Montalban, shouldn't we just accept it? Because, if there's anybody in the Alpha Quadrant who is most qualified to recognize Khan, it's Spock Prime. After all, he was killed by Khan (technically, radiation poisoning, but you know what I mean).

To me, Ricardo Montalban WAS Khan, just like William Shatner was Captain Kirk. Now, to me, (at least based on trailers) Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan, just as Chris Pine is now Captain Kirk. I'm a big fan of Benedict's, and I can't wait to see what he does with the role. Trust me, they could have done A LOT WORSE. Just imagine:

Shia LaBeouf IS John Harrison

Channing Tatum IS John Harrison

Matthew McConaughey IS John Harrison

But, tonight, I'll sleep more soundly knowing that the role of Khan is in good hands

Edit to add: One more. Kal Penn IS John Harrison
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