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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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Characterization is fine though I prefer a large doses of ideas as the main thrust of my episodes.

This. Nothing against character shows like DS9 but they automatically become a bit soapy. While TOS is far from being my favourite show it worked although four main characters had virtually nothing to say or do.
You can have good plots and good characterization. I just think of having characters like Travis Mayweather or Harry Kim who add nothing to the show is not a good idea in today's TV market.

In most good TV shows nowadays, they don't have main characters who are so poorly characterized that they add nothing to the show. Saying that Sulu didn't get much to do back in the 60s doesn't matter, because its not the 60s anymore, a Star Trek Show will have to compete with in today's TV landscape, not one from the 60s.

I also think DS9 had stronger plots then Voyager or Enterprise. But even DS9 was 90s show rather then being ahead of its time, it was of its time, unlike Voyager which was a 80s show in the 90s. A new Star Trek show will have to be more like today's best TV shows, rather then trying to be a show from the 60s or 80s.
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