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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

Brit wrote: View Post
In fact IMHO the person most morally wrong was the Doctor, but I will concede that he was very young and probably not fully sentient at that time.
R. Star wrote: View Post
^ Yeah.. that's why people are trying to dehumanize Tuvix in their arguments. Calling him an accident, Brit's statement of "his" so called life, apparently him not having a "title" to live. It's quite standard from a psychological point of view for people to do this to justify the death of someone in their own mind.
No that is a logical reasoning, born from a whole lot of life experience. It's not that people do not care about poor Tuvix, it just that they care more about Tuvok and Neelix. But if you care so much maybe you can volunteer to be an amalgamated person. One thing I know for sure, no one gets my body until I am completely done with it.
Let's see...

You've taken the argument to the extreme in this post. The Doctor is operating as any physician would: that's the oath a physician takes when he becomes a doctor.

And you're saying that his abiding by that code of ethics is because he's "young" and "not fully sentient."

This follows exactly what R.Star is saying: it's to dehumanize Tuvix so that his death doesn't matter.

You are also following those who argued that I'm obviously not a parent because I believe it immoral to kill to save a child, and those who argued that I am immoral because I wouldn't kill another to save my sweetie.

So, I've learned something truly frightening in this thread: there are actually fans on this board who believe that it is perfectly reasonable and moral to kill an innocent person to save someone you love.

That's totally mind-boggling.

ETA: Either that, or you're all simply running out of arguments to justify your belief that St Kathryn of Voyager never makes a mistake or never makes a difficult call that even she might not completely agree with.
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