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· Uhura can speak Klingon fluently when she can't in ST6 (I know, new timeline, whatevs).

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Nowadays, we have Spock proclaiming that supernovas can destroy whole galaxies. We have transporters that only require a quick firmware update to achieve limitless range. And no idea of what rank means, either. Kirk is insubordinate, commandeers the ship, gets to be captain on a technicality? Bah - he destroyed that evil Romulan, so let's have this heroic Cadet skip the ranks of Ensign, Lieutenant j.g., Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander altogether and make him Captain. And while we're at it, let's not give him some science vessel, let him have the flagship of the Federation. That's not Trek, that's "Marvel's Kirk & Spock".
This reminds me of my reaction to the premier of TNG. We had the android, the empath, the über genius and the guy with amazing visual abilities. I thought, "That's not Star Trek, that's the X-Men." I had no idea that the captain was Professor X himself!

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Where has JJ said that as long as he's doing Trek, no one else will?
Nowhere, as far as I remember.
Unless one counts LeVar Burton, who allegedly has been hearing such things from Abrams' camp.
It sounds like somebody's polite excuse for rejecting a lousy pitch.
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