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Montalban wasn't very "brown". Nor Indian.

Persis Khambatta was from India. And not "brown".
As sttngfan1701d said though, there's a difference between the olive color and pasty white. And he also aptly pointed out that at least in TOS they went so far as to apply bronze makeup to Montalban. Why did they go to that effort? It's because they were going for the traditional Sikh ruler look, which is typically a darker skin tone, definitely not pasty, not white, perhaps not olive, but at least bronze.

Carcazoid wrote: View Post
Requiring Khan to be a brown skinned man with a certain accent just because he's from a certain part of the world is just a little bit ... what's the word I'm looking for here? ... oh, yeah. Racist.
I'm afraid you don't at all know what racism is. You should perhaps try and look it up. While you're educating yourself, maybe take a look at prominent political positions of India and those of Sikhs, and then come back to me and laughingly assert that such a person should be pasty white.
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