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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I also was underwhelmed by Morbius, I gave it two issues. That just wasn't the right direction or hook for the book.

I was and wasn't surprised by Winter Soldier news. I felt it was good enough to keep going. I purely think they did the cancel JUST so they could slap a #1 on it with the movie forthcoming. As if a #1 is the ONLY way to promote a title anymore.

Haven't been following Gambit but a few guys at the LCS always had talked it up.

Not sure what to make of the comment that current DC readers will "get" the new Thunderbolts line up? So is the current TB with Red Hulk et al still going to be going on? It seems a related comment to the status of Dark Avengers would be in the mix but isn't. A bit puzzled on this one.

I hadn't thought it till I read Guy's post but now I believe that is a valid question about X-Factor.
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