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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I see you've integrated some of the chase sequence from LTBYLB into Deck 5 - liking the use of stairs as a starting point! Lokai would then run anticlockwise along the circular corridor before ducking down the straight corridor towards the Transporter Section (all good so far). However, in the episode he turns LEFT into the final straight corridor before entering the Transporter Room - in your setup, Bele and Lokai would be turning RIGHT. Or have I missed something?
Good catch! Originally I had considered that the 12 o'clock corridor should be the arrival point on Deck 5 (with the angled in "hangar deck set" pressure door) and access to the transporter section via the 10 o'clock corridor. But then I felt that I couldn't exclude the possibility that Kirk and Spock received the call from sickbay only a few yards away from it in the Cg "standard" corridor...and then forgot to fix the transporter room corridor, after I had shifted the arrival point.
The solution appears to put the transporter room at its original studio set location and assume that Lokai overshot and made a U-turn to get to the transporter. That would also put the transporter room closer to sickbay to receive injured landing party members on the shortest way (I guess I'll still have space on Deck 6 or 7 to install the ET transporter room...).

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Back onto the main function of Deck 5, I do like the way you've joined some of the Sickbay rooms together which vary then from the set layout. Are there going to be still more wards and examination rooms on Decks 6 & 7 though? That's a LARGE section of the ship given over to medical facilities - although things like life support and environmental engineering are related to medical needs, so I agree that including them near the Sickbay area is a good move.
I do believe that a ship with a crew of 430 lives that also needs to serve as a movable hospital for colonists and the like requires more than just 5 beds (Season One and Season Two bedroom added together) in the sickbay complex. Deck 6 will see environmental engineering (according to "Day of the Dove") cannibalizing some of the sickbay space and Deck 7 will contain several labs (according to The Making of Star Trek) and the intensive care unit (less crew traffic on Deck 7). I'm curious myself how that's going to turn out.
But I'll start on Deck 7 as the open "environmental" ladders need to align to the "fall-safe" ladders on Deck 6.

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Finally, it is good to see a solution for the JTB walk that Spock, McCoy and Kirk do at the beginning of the episode. However, are you planning to resolve the weird corridor setup that is used when Kirk has his fight later?
I'd say that's one of these rare exceptions where the director either screwed up or wanted to convey to the audience that Kirk is confused and about to pass out...(well, this strange edit definitely continues to confuse me every time I see it ).
When accuracy collides head on with believability, I'd prefer to choose believability.

But there's another "screwup" that got me thinking. The late McCoy office scene in Cg is full of oddities:
  • Kirk and Spock arrive at the exam room double door but get into the doctor's office (intentional)
  • Nomad is leaving the room but it's actually a shot of Nomad leaving a turbo lift (definitely screwup)
  • Nomad's ride down the corridor is "flopped", suggesting he's hoovering down the corridor clockwise (intentional? the atmospheric control panel Spock is working on is usually at the opposite corridor's end as seen in AT !!!)
Here one could argue that this office (5R 672) is actually next to the isolation bedroom from TI (5R 671) !!!

In the TI corridor we only saw the "Jefferies Tube Corridor" but not the opposite side (i.e. tri-ladder, red door to "engineering" etc.). If I were to present the MG corridor and the one from WE (and consequently TI, too) as two separate corridors in the next draft, I'd definitely keep this option in mind (although I'd feel that two Dr. McCoy offices on the same deck are a little too much. Alternately his office section in his personal cabin on Deck 5 - in contrast to the provisional one on Deck 12 in "The Man Trap" - just looks like his public office).

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