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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

As I wrote in my previous note, when something is extraordinarily good you don't mind all the idiosyncracies of the period anymore.
Let's take Hamlet. Sure, when you produce it you take out part about children actors in Act II, that's too time-specific. But nobody minds the Elizabethian worldview that informs everything about the play, from the view that marrying an in-law is incest to the four temperaments/fluids opinion about melancholy. But the play is fantastic despite of all of this as its greatness is rooted deeper. It's like watching a Hitchcock movie, of course you are aware of all the 50s/60s elements but it feels at the same time as if the guy could have done the same movie in ANY time period, it would basically still be the same piece.
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