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Art: BTW, are you in importing or exporting?

Anyway, I understand your points completely. The problem is that although those things you mentioned can work and do well, Star Trek had a reputation for trying to do all those things but stumble and fall at trying. At this stage, if they tried that formula (which in Trek's case was overused) and failed, we would not have seen any new Star Trek again for probably a long, long, long time.

At this stage, they did what worked, and it did that in spades. People I know saw the 2009 movie and loved it, and are now borrowing my DVDs of TOS. The best thing is happening in that they are digging the series immensely, and they definitely would not have touched it before seeing the movie.

The main thing, to me, is that Trek had tried for the route of moneymaker and good storyteller in a movie, but it didn't work as much as hoped for the general public (which, like it or not, is how a movie succeeds).
Apart from the quality of the movie itself, JJTrek has been very good for the franchise. No argument here. It renewed interest and made projects like the TNG HD remaster viable. (Those Blu-rays sell really well, I'm told.)

The film has reeled in many new fans, and if they were to come out with a new series now, the viewing figures might be a vast improvement over the dismal performance of ENT.

So why is Mr. Abrams nipping all potential series in the bud? He's going around saying, "As long as I'm doing Trek, nobody else is."

This is a franchise that isn't movie only, and soon the time will be right for it to play on multiple channels again. If only Abrams weren't so incredibly stubborn.

For example: Imagine a series about an ageless, deep-cover Aegis agent (you know, a colleague of Gary Seven), living through Trek's fictional history all the way from First Contact to the 24th century, desperately struggling behind the scenes to make sure things happen the way they are supposed to. Lone-wolf scenario, maybe a sidekick, throw in regular baddie who's actively working against the protagonist, then kill the sidekick in season 3 to really shake things up, season-long arcs etc.

That's new, possibly with some potential. And that's just off the top of my head, me being no writer at all. I dare the powers that be to come up with something better.
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