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I have observed that for the entire history of Star Trek films, there are always die hard Trekkers who can't be pleased.

What JJ has done is pretty monumental in that he's made the mythology accessible to people beyond the core fandom (people of my generation and your generation).
Totally agree. The red carpet last night was lined with many young people, aged 15-30 or so, all cheering wildly for Pine, Quinto and Urban.

I found fandom in 1980, as a fresh young 21-year-old. I often felt like the only fan in the room who'd loved ST:TMP. I went back through back issues of our club's newsletter and found venomous comments about Filmation's TAS, ST:TMP and Roddenberry's numerous attempts to get "ST: Phase II" afloat.

In following years, I saw fans reject ST II outright. (And even Roddenberry express his displeasure.) I saw fans who hated ST IV. I knew fans who refused to sample TNG. And even I found ST V rather unpalatable, but still a hoot to lampoon.

Funnily enough, when the next incarnation of Trek comes along, people tend to find the second-to-last one more tolerable. You don't see as much hatred for ST:TMP or "Enterprise" these days.
Therin, I can second you on most of these. I've watched these changes along with you. But you left out DS9

Yeah, die-hard Trekkies always find the last "unpalatable" Trek quite palatable once the next one is released. Then, it's on to fresh meat.
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